The STARS Of The Shelves

When it comes to grabbing attention and taste buds, you’ve got to check out Del Monte®. Because our extraordinary Fruit Cup® Snacks and Parfaits are sure to be big hits with your customers. Whether it’s Del Monte® Oats to Go™, Del Monte® Fruit Refreshers®, Del Monte® Fruit & Chia™ or Del Monte® Fruit Crunch Parfaits, they offer incredible, eye-catching tastes that will star on your shelves.

Del Monte Fruit Cups


When you offer delicious fruits, along with things like chia, juice, whole grain oats or coconut crème, you’re going to appeal to the desire for good and good for you. Combine that with the trusted Del Monte® name, and you’ve got an offering sure to get noticed.

  • Oats to Go is a ready-to-eat cup of oatmeal with a delicious blend of real real fruit chunks, granola, almonds and pumpkin seeds. No microwave, water, or overnight prep required.
  • Fruit Refreshers® combine fruit with exotic flavors for a satisfying, grown-up snack. Every 90-calorie cup features a whole serving of fruit. Available in Grapefruit & Oranges in Pomegranate fruit water.
  • Fruit & Chia features chunks of sun-sweetened fruit along with fruit-flavored chia seeds. Each cup delivers a good source of fiber and 800 mg of omega-3s. Available in two flavors.
  • Fruit Crunch Parfaits are non-dairy snacks made with a full serving of fruit, coconut crème and granola. 2 billion probiotic cultures per serving. Available in four flavors.

Growers for Good

At Del Monte®, we vow to be Growers of Good™. That means we’re committed to cultivating quality in our products, in our people and in our customer service. We’re here to support you from the ground up.

Dairy-Free Probiotics.

The benefits of probiotics are well-documented. However, dairy isn’t the only source of these digestion helpers. Del Monte® Fruit Crunch Parfaits feature granola, another source of probiotics.

Fruit Cups Video

Del Monte® has a full line of innovative Grab 'n Go products for all your on the go snacking needs. Learn more about some of our new products and our full portfolio offering here.