100% Pure Philippine

Not all pineapple is created equal. So at Del Monte®, we start with only 100% pure Philippine pineapple – some of the best in the world. Then we make it incredibly convenient by packaging it in an easy-to-use pouch. It’s quality that saves you time, labor and waste. So add the pineapple that tops all others to your offerings – Del Monte®.


Thanks to our massive pineapple plantation in the Philippines where conditions are ideal, Del Monte® is able to offer a consistent supply of high-quality pineapple all year long!

  • 50,000-acre plantation in Bukidnon, North Mindanao, Philippines
  • The largest plantation in the world
  • Year-round rotational planting and harvesting
  • Picked at peak ripeness
  • Processed within 24 hours of harvest to maintain flavor and texture
  • Consistent supply

Growers for Good

At Del Monte®, we vow to be Growers of Good™. That means we’re committed to cultivating quality in our products, in our people and in our customer service. We’re here to support you from the ground up.

Pineapple Video

Learn more about our entire Pineapple portfolio featuring our frozen Nice Fruit™ pineapple line and get inspiration for your kitchen.

Where It Comes From Matters.

Pineapple comes from many different places, but the best pineapple only comes from the Philippines. There, the rainfall, elevation, volcanic soil and proximity to the equator produces a higher-quality pineapple. It’s all we use at Del Monte®, and we’re proud to offer it to you.