The SIMPLE Alternative

With our incredible Riced Vegetables, you can now menu a starch alternative that’s gaining popularity everywhere. It’s delightful, delicious and perfect for those with dietary considerations. Plus, it’s convenient to use and available in five varieties. So add something unlike anything else to your menu today.

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Del Monte® Riced Vegetables provide a simple way to add another side to your offerings or to replace rice, potatoes or other starches. They can also be the ideal base for bowls, or in Asian or Hispanic dishes.

  • Pre-cut and recipe-ready
  • Freezer-to-plate in minutes
  • High quality, always consistent
  • Zero Waste
  • Five on-trend varieties

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At Del Monte®, we vow to be Growers of Good™. That means we’re committed to cultivating quality in our products, in our people and in our customer service. We’re here to support you from the ground up.

Riced Vegetables Video

Learn more about the entire Riced Vegetable portfolio and get inspiration for your kitchen.

Satisfying The Dietary Needs.

With the rise of new eating habits, diners are turning to starch alternatives to round out their plates. Those who adopt the Keto diet, the Paleo diet or gluten-free diets are avoiding starchy vegetables in favor of less processed, carb conscious offerings. That’s why Del Monte® Riced Vegetables are a great option for appealing to this growing group.